Sheryl Crow was one of the first country artists to speak out against concert attendees who whip out their phones during a performance, and now Kip Moore is following suit.

The 'Hey Pretty Girl' singer says he finds it disturbing that so many fans can't enjoy the live performance, and instead try to capture an experience to relive later.

“It’s upsetting that people have lost the ability to live in the moment, and I think it’s only gonna get worse and worse,” Moore says (quote via Country Weekly). “There’s some times in a show when I’ll go sing right to somebody face to face, and they’ll waste the whole 10 seconds trying to get their phone out of their pocket, and by the time they finally look up, I’m gone.”

The Georgia native, who is currently headlining his own Burn the Whole World Down tour, can't stop the show to chastise the offenders, but if he could, he knows exactly what he would say.

"‘Dude, put the phone down and just enjoy what's going on right now."

Moore has two shows in Florida this weekend, before he heads to Louisiana and Alabama later this month. He will serve as the opening act for Lady Antebellum's Take Me Downtown tour, which kicks off on Jan. 10 in Peoria, Ill. See all of his upcoming shows here.

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