Sheryl Crow admits she isn't necessarily a fan of the new digital era. The singer says she wishes fans would put down their phones and focus on her show when she is performing on stage.

“Now, everybody’s in their own worlds and trying to capture something that they can watch later and communicating with people outside of the room,” she notes (quote via Taste of Country). “I guess for me it’s annoying, more than anything, and I think that every artist I’ve talked to would agree with the fact that it is not nearly as much fun to play to peoples’ cameras instead of to their eyes.”

Crow says she tries to get her fans to stay technology-free during her performance, but her request isn't always honored. “I’m constantly encouraging people to put their phones away while I’m playing -- you know, ‘Get your shots early and let’s put our gadgets away.’ But it seems to fall on deaf ears.”

The 'Easy' singer hopes that in the future, she is able to produce an awe-inspiring show that will compel concert attendees to keep their focus on her live music. "I’m working on some technology right now that’s gonna enable people to walk out with a show and hopefully encourage people to put their gadgets away," she hints.

Crow is currently on the road with Gary Allan on their Free and Easy tour. She's releasing her first country album, 'Feels Like Home,' on Tuesday (Sept. 10). Order a copy here.

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