During a late February stop in Spokane, Wash., on his Wild Ones Tour, Kip Moore got real with the crowd, admitting, "I’ve always been a very happy person, but I — um, I hit a real state of depression about a year and a half ago, and I wouldn’t leave my house for a while." In a new interview, the singer opens up further about that depression, and his fight to recover from it.

"I literally had a hard fight. It was a tough time in my life. There were a lot of days where it was hard for me to get out of bed,” Moore tells ET Canada, adding that he is "just now falling out of [it]." At that February show, Moore shared that, during that dark time in his life, "I got off the road, and I’ve never felt that alone in my whole life, and it was a true struggle for me."

Moore was also struggling to make Wild Ones during this time: After the album’s original first single, “Dirt Road,” found little success at radio, the LP's release date was pushed back -- multiple times. During the delay, Moore wound up re-writing the disc.

"Coming off the success of Up All Night, you know, the commercial success of that record, which I still love, it was very difficult to make a record that was different from that record because I had everybody pushing against me, saying, ‘You can’t sing about this, you can’t let it sound like that,’ and, ‘That doesn’t sound like what’s happening right now on the radio,'" Moore told his Spokane crowd. "I don’t know, I’ve always looked at things differently, and I cared so much about what I was doing, and it was a very, very difficult process."

Moore is currently out on the road with Miranda Lambert, opening up for the country superstar on her Keeper of the Flame Tour -- and, he reveals to ET Canada, working on a new album.

“I wanted to be true to myself and grow and evolve as an artist and push boundaries on this new one," he notes.

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