Kip Moore had fans going crazy over his performance at a stop in Spokane, Wash., on his 2016 Wild Ones Tour on Tuesday night (Feb. 23). The country star was joined at the show by the Cadillac Three, who have been travelling the West Coast with Moore for his concerts in the region; the trio and Moore are good friends, so they've been hoping to hit the road together for a while.

"How about, some of our best buddies -- not in the business, but just our best buddies, period -- are bada-- mofos. How 'bout the Cadillac Three tonight, y'all?" Moore said of the three-piece Southern rock band during his set. "We've been wanting to tour together for so long, and this finally happened, and we're having a blast. I'm so thankful that they're out."

Moore's set began with the Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" pumping through the speakers to announce his arrival onstage and get the crowd amped up. The singer opened with the tour's namesake song, "Wild Ones," continuing straight into "What I Do" and "Lipstick," all of which appear on his sophomore album, Wild Ones, as well as "Reckless," from his debut album, Up All Night.

The sold-out show at Spokane's Knitting Factory was high-energy for a Tuesday night.

"Sometimes you just -- you come to a place, and you instantly know it's gonna be a bada-- show," Moore remarked. "Now, look: I think this is -- this is Tuesday night, and this feels like a Saturday right here ... We don't get to come up here that often, so y'all keep this s--t up now, come on!"

Moore played most of the tracks off of Wild Ones and Up All Night, and he had the crowd singing along to every song, including his cover of Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle" and his versions of two classics: "Stand By Me" and "Lean on Me." The crowd's reaction was especially meaningful to Moore, who told concertgoers about his struggles, both personally and professionally, to release Wild Ones.

"I fought like hell to make this record for you guys," he told the crowd. "Coming off the success of Up All Night, you know, the commercial success of that record, which I still love, it was very difficult to make a record that was different from that record because I had everybody pushing against me, saying, 'You can't sing about this, you can't let it sound like that,' and, 'That doesn't sound like what's happening right now on the radio.'

"I can't explain to you -- I've always been a very happy person, but I -- um, I hit a real state of depression about a year and a half ago, and I wouldn't leave my house for a while. I got off the road, and I've never felt that alone in my whole life, and it was a true struggle for me," Moore continued. "I'm still struggling with it, I'm just now coming out of it. And because I cared -- I don't know, I've always looked at things differently, and I cared so much about what I was doing, and it was a very, very difficult process. So for you guys to show up and sing this whole record, it's pretty amazing, so thank y'all so much for that."

Moore also shared that he's planning to record a new project this summer and release it later this year. During his set, he previewed a track about a lost love that he called "one of my favorites I've ever written." He also alluded to the possibility of another tour in 2016, promising to return to the Inland Northwest again in the fall.

After performing "Magic," Moore left the stage. He returned, thanks to the crowd's cheers for an encore, and sang "That Was Us."

"This last song we're gonna play -- this was that song on the record that they told me I couldn't put on the record," the artist confessed. "And every night that we've played this, this has been the most passionate you guys have been, and I told them that this was gonna happen. They said, 'Kip, you can't sing about these things,' and I said, 'Well, this is my life, and it's somebody else's life too.'"

Moore's stateside Wild Ones tour dates wrap up on Feb. 27, but the singer is headed overseas for a handful of dates in Australia and the United Kingdom. See a list of upcoming shows at

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