Kip Moore has shared a beautiful acoustic rendition of his song "Plead the Fifth," which was initially a song on his third studio album Slowheart. Readers can press play above to listen to the simple, guitar-driven version. Moore's gritty, emotional vocals are punctuated by the stripped down accompaniment, providing the perfect backdrop for the track's sentimental lyrics.

"Go ahead ask anything you want / Do I miss you? I can't say I don't / Put me on trial but I won't tell / If I want you and I always will / Uh huh uh huh / Right hand on the Bible / Uh huh uh huh / The other on a bottle," the first verse hints at the remnants of a love that hasn't found closure, without a full confession.

"Have I ever mixed your memory with Tennessee? / Have I ever dialed you up, but never let it ring?" the song continues, edging closer to a truth that Moore can't bring himself to outright admit. "Do I wonder where you are with every sip? / Getting onto who you might be with / Drown myself in 90 proof, what else? / I plead the fifth."

In addition to appearing as the opening track to the 2017 album Slowheart, "Plead the Fifth" was also the name of Moore's extensive headlining tour. The acoustic re-imagining is included on Moore's new album Room to Spare: The Acoustic Sessionswhich is slotted for release on Nov. 16. Before initially announcing its release, Moore had been teasing the project -- as well of a couple of other "irons in the fire" -- for several months.

Moore is currently on the road for his After the Sunburn Tour, with guests Jillian Jacqueline and Jordan Davis.

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