Keith Urban did his best impression of a lovelorn potential suitor at the 2016 CMA Awards, courtesy of a stripped-down version of "Blue Ain't Your Color."

The bluesy take started with Urban performing on a dark stage, lit only by a spotlight. Sporting a sharp suit and a skinny tie, the musician crooned into the mic like an old-fashioned country singer from the '50s and '60s, all heartbreak and pain. As the song progressed, the stage lights -- which were dominated by a rectangular bank of lights above the musicians -- slowly came up to reveal Urban's band and, later, a string section featuring all female musicians. These players were on a platform behind the band, and played pizzicato strings in unison.

In addition to his stellar vocals, Urban unleashed a subtle slide-guitar solo during the bridge, which added to the mournful atmosphere. By the end of the song, the stage was bathed in blue lights, giving the entire performance the vibe of a lonely honky-tonk; at the end of the song, however, the cameras cut to Urban's wife, Nicole Kidman, resplendent in pink, who was applauding proudly.

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