Kane Brown tapped into a sexy R&B groove for a remix of R&B artist Khalid's song "Saturday Nights." Brown teased a clip of the song on his Twitter feed on Thursday (Jan. 10), with a shout-out to the pop star, before the full song dropped early Friday (Jan. 11).

"Saturday Nights" originally appears on Khalid's Suncity EP, released in October of 2018. Brown's is a stripped-down, sultry rendition of the song, which captures the secret struggles that a young girl faces, and her quest for love on a Saturday night.

"Saturday nights / Your work shoes are stilettos / Smell of cheap perfume / Makeup on your face / Try to hide the pain / All the lies that look like the truth," Brown sings in the second verse, re-written for the remix. "Deep in your heart, all you want is love / But you never felt good enough / You got wrapped up in other plans / But this ain't the way the story ends ..."

Khalid wrote "Saturday Nights" by himself. In the remix, he takes the first verse and chorus alone. After Brown takes lead on the second verse, the two harmonize and trade lines throughout the rest of the track.

Brown released his sophomore album, Experimenton Nov. 9. He recently began his headlining Live Forever Tour, his first arena headlining trek. Granger SmithRaeLynnDanielle Bradbery and Jimmie Allen are out on the road with him.

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