Kalie Shorr's new single "Lullaby" could have been a song on Alanis Morissette's classic 1995 album Jagged Little Pill if the Canadian-born rock artist had instead found her way to Nashville. The rising singer-songwriter channels her love of '90s rock and a trying year into the song about "letting it go," the first from her forthcoming debut album.

Shorr co-wrote "Lullaby" with Robyn Collins and Will Stone; she co-produced the track with Skip Black. The song begins with a sparse acoustic and piano accompaniment but builds to crashing drums and loud guitars as Shorr sings of getting over a breakup, "I'm gonna scream and I'm gonna cry / But tonight I won't need the hallway light / I'm singin' one last lullaby, and I'm / Putting this to bed."

“I started this song on piano when I came home drunk one night. I was just so tired of feeling sad and bitter over the end of a six-year relationship, and I wanted to be able to put it to rest and move on," Shorr -- who says the song "sonically encompasses the whole album" -- tells Rolling Stone Country. "I recorded a rough idea that night, forgot about it, and a few days later went and did some soul searching in New York and LA for a few weeks. I ended up having this very healing and self-exploratory experience that helped me so much with processing that breakup.”

"Lullaby" will appear on Open Book, a 13-song album due out on Sept. 27. A full track listing for the project is below. Shorr says the record is a musical diary of "the 24th year of my life, which was the toughest period I've ever gone through." In addition to the aforementioned breakup, Shorr's older sister died following a battle with drug addiction.

"This new chapter is one I’m very proud of, very excited for, and I’m very hopeful that this song resonates with all the other broken hearts out there and maybe helps heal them a little bit too," she adds.

Kalie Shorr, Open Book Track List:

1. “Too Much to Say” (Kalie Shorr, Robyn Collins and Ian Christian)
2. “Escape” (Kalie Shorr and Candi Carpenter)
3. “Messy” (Kalie Shorr, Jonny Shorr and Katie Stump)
4. “The One” (Kalie Shorr, Skip Black and Savannah Keyes)
5. “F U Forever” (Kalie Shorr, Candi Carpenter and Annie Wildgen)
6. “Alice in Wonderland” (Kalie Shorr and Candi Carpenter)
7. “The World Keeps Spinning” (Kalie Shorr, Skip Black and Robyn Collins)
8. “Big Houses” (Kalie Shorr, Skip Black and Savannah Keyes)
9. “Gatsby” (Kalie Shorr, Skip Black and Candi Carpenter)
10. “Thank God You’re a Man” (Kalie Shorr, John Caldwell and Robyn Collins)
11. “Vices” (Kalie Shorr, John Caldwell and Robyn Collins)
12. “Lullaby” (Kalie Shorr, Robyn Collins and Will Stone)
13. “Angry Butterfly” (Kalie Shorr, Simon Reid and Fred Wilhelm)

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