Kalie Shorr tells her life story in her new song "Love Child." The autobiographical tune is the title track of a forthcoming EP.

"Daddy came here on a boat / Mama came here on a plane / I got here by accident, but God doesn't make mistakes," sings to open "Love Child," which covers the basics — the good and the bad — of her family and childhood in Portland, Maine. "I'm a wild, wild love child / Lookin' for a wild love," Shorr professes in the chorus, which changes each time to reflect some of her musical influences, from Fleetwood Mac to Nirvana.

"If I could only play one song to introduce myself to a stranger, it would be "Love Child." It’s a three-minute autobiography that covers everything from being a first-generation American, to my love for Fleetwood Mac and tarot cards," Shorr says in a press release. "Sonically, I love the energy of the guitars and the use of all-organic instruments that go back to my '90s and 2000s pop-rock influences."

"Love Child" is one of five songs on Shorr's next project, the I Got Here By Accident EP. She worked with acclaimed musician and producer Butch Walker on the EP, which also features the TikTok hit "Amy."

I Got Here By Accident follows Shorr's debut full-length album, Open Book, originally released in 2019 and then re-released with four additional songs (as Open Book: Unabridged) in 2020.

The I Got Here By Accident EP is due out on Aug. 13, via TMWRK Records; it's available to pre-save and pre-add here, and full details are below. One day after the EP's release, Shorr and Walker will perform together at the Grand Ole Opry.

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Kalie Shorr, I Got Here By Accident EP Tracklist:

1. "Amy"
2. "I Heard You Got a Girl"
3. "I Hate the Way This Feels"
4. "Love Child"
5. "Alibi"

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