Instead of relying on the sort of hashtag-worthy vocal hooks that carry most modern country drinking songs, real-deal country crooner Justin Moore tells a fleshed-out tale about a toxic relationship in his new song, "On the Rocks." Press play above to listen.

"On the Rocks" is a whiskey-spiked ‘90s throwback, with the great Paul Franklin on steel guitar and former Dierks Bentley and Keith Urban collaborator Sarah Buxton singing backup vocals. Lyrically, Moore copes with a balance of anger and guilt over his latest relationship flare-up from his favorite barstool.

"She's probably staying at her mama's, spilling all the drama now," Moore sings. "Wine-drinking off the hurt and twisting all my words around."

It's a tale of sorrow, and not vengeance, told by someone who drinks whiskey on the rocks to cope with a relationship defined by the same Urban Dictionary entry. Despite telling a somber story through specific details that bring both the narrator and his lover to life, "On the Rocks" should be relatable to anyone who's ever been at odds with a loved one -- even without the influence of alcohol or the threat of domestic violence.

"On the Rocks" is the latest song that Moore has released from his upcoming new album, Late Nights and Longnecks, which is due out on July 26, after being pushed back from April. Previously released songs include the patriotic single "The Ones That Didn't Make It Back Home" and the reflective "Jesus and Jack Daniels."

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