"Joyful Noise," the feel-good musical comedy starring Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah, was released on DVD today (May 1). The two iconic singer-actresses play sparring church choir members in the flick, which is set in a small Georgia town. While their characters have both verbal and physical fights (food fights, that is), Dolly and Latifah hit it off famously on set.

"Everybody used to say to me, 'You and Queen Latifah should do something together. You have a very similar personality, very likeable, very upfront and out there.' I could see that myself," Dolly tells The Boot. "I used to think it would be fun to work with her, because I like her. When we both got the chance to do this and found out that we both were looking at the script, we both said yes, we'll do it if they do!"

Go behind-the-scenes of "Joyful Noise" in the video player below, and buy the movie on DVD here. .

Go Behind-the-Scenes of 'Joyful Noise'