Singer-songwriter Joy Williams has shared two new songs from her upcoming release, Front Porch. Readers can hear "The Trouble With Wanting" above, or press play below to hear "Canary."

“The Trouble With Wanting” is a soft and emotional song about what it feels like to want someone but not know if you will ever get to be with them. "Always on my mind / Always alone / You could be miles and miles away / But somehow you're close," Williams sings. "If I can't have my cake / And I can't eat it too / Well, I guess the sound of your voice / In the aching will just have to do."

Unlike the uncertainty-laced "The Trouble With Wanting," "Canary" exudes confidence and power. In this song, Williams sings about not allowing herself to be stifled: "There's a madness in a cavern / There’s a darkness that can blind / Where it's every man for himself / No one’s getting out alive / But I will not shut my eyes / No, I will not fall silent / Canary in the mine / Oh I will, ooh, honey, I will / I will sing."

Williams worked on the new material on Front Porch while pregnant with her second child. She gave birth to a daughter, Poppy Louise, over the summer.

“There is an energy that is very creative in having a baby,” says Williams in a press release. “It gives a sense of urgency on top of all the creative energy. Cellularly, your body is experiencing something really different. Everything you are feeling is elevated. And you have a time-stamped sense of urgency.”

Williams says that Front Porch is an album about "coming home," whether that's meant literally, to a physical place, or more spiritually, in terms of finding yourself. "This record feels like breathing more deeply into who I am, come what may," she adds.

Front Porch will be released through Sensibility / Thirty Tigers in 2019. More information about Williams, including a list of her upcoming shows, can be found on her website.

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