Josh Turner's second live album, Live Across America, brings the magic of his live show to fans' homes. The project, which was released in Cracker Barrel stores all over the country in August, is the culmination of the best of his performances over the past four months.

"It's hard sometimes to capture magic when it comes to live records," Josh admits to CBS Local. "The thing that excited me about this one is that we recorded my live shows throughout the span of four months, so we took the most magical moments from that four months of shows."

The 34-year-old included a few of his favorite tunes, plus a cover of Waylon Jennings' "America," however, each song had a different flavor than its original recording. "I wanted it to be more acoustic and have a different flair to it so we came up with a completely new arrangement of 'Me and God,'" he explains. "'So Not My Baby' we did like the record except it was with acoustic instruments. 'America' is a song I chose because I felt that was a song that I thought would help drive the concept of this record home."

The married father of three boys says he hopes listeners get a glimpse of what his own life is like by listening to the album. "For us, making the record it was somewhat a journey," he notes. "Each song was recorded in a different city across the country. It was a journey. It outlines a little window into what our life is like traveling around the country, living on a tour bus."

The South Carolina native released his first live CD, Live at the Ryman, also through Cracker Barrel in 2007, and he says is happy to partner with the franchise. "Cracker Barrel has always been great to work with," Josh tells The Boot. "It's just been like an extended family and they really have a lot of the same goals that I have. They're trying to sell music and they're trying to just effect people in a positive way and trying to comfort people not only through their food, but through their atmosphere and through the music they're playing throughout their stores. Their company motto is 'Pleasing People' and that's exactly what I'm trying to do when I'm out on the road playing shows. I want to please my fans."

Josh will play several more shows this fall in support of his latest studio album, Punching Bag, which was released in June. See his upcoming concerts here.