Jon Pardi's newest single, "Tequila Little Time," is tailor-made for a day of relaxation, preferably in some warm weather. The Heartache Medication track is more laid-back than the album's previous singles, the Top 5 "Ain't Always the Cowboy" and the No. 1 title track.

"Tequila Little Time" features a heavy emphasis on Spanish-infused horns, a new element that's not been a prominent feature in any Pardi single before. The song also incorporates accordion, stylized strings and relaxed electric guitar, making it easy to draw comparisons to Jimmy Buffett and Alan Jackson's 2003 hit "It's Five o'Clock Somewhere" in terms of its Caribbean- and Spanish-influenced production.

Where "Tequila Little Time" truly shines is in its chorus, which features its clever wordplay ("tequila little time with you" instead of "to kill a little time with you"). Pardi co-wrote the song with Rhett Akins and Luke Laird, and produced it with Bart Butler and Ryan Gore.

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Jon Pardi's "Tequila Little Time" Lyrics: 

Pardon me, I don't mean to pry / I saw the tears falling from your eyes / And I thought, you're too pretty not to wear a smile / Hope you don't mind if I sit down for a while, 'cause ...


I want tequila little time with you / A little salt and a lime will do / Hey, barman, will you bring us two? / I want tequila little time with you / Talkin' it all out, seein' what you're all about / I hope you're wantin' tequila little time with me, too

We don't have to talk about the past / Here's to moving forward and not looking back / Little later, we can take it to the dancefloor / But until then, let's order a couple more, 'cause ...

Repeat Chorus

It's good to see you laughin' / I guess this had to happen / Now let's just get to dancin', 'cause ...

Repeat Chorus

I hope you're wantin' tequila little time with me, too / I hope you're wantin' tequila little time with me, too

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