Things were heating up in the world of new country music singles this week, from steamy love songs to hard-partying summer anthems and stories of love that won't end well (but feels oh so right.) Read on to get caught up on all the latest in new country music!  

Jon Pardi, "Night Shift":

Jon Pardi gets hot and steamy in his latest single, "Night Shift." What starts off as a song about putting in hard work during the night shift at his job quickly turns into longing to be with his love, and (ahem!) putting in some hard work of their own. Pardi isn’t bashful when he sings about exactly what he wants: “Gonna rock it right / No need to talk, I know what you want / And what you like / ‘Cause I do too, yeah / I love how you leave on the lights / Not a thing between you and me / And it feels so nice when you and I are / Working on the night shift, baby,” the song's lyrics say. “Night Shift” was written by Tofer Brown, Phillip LaRue and Billy Montana. The song, which was produced by Pardi and Bart Butler, will hit country radio on July 23.

Kalie Shorr, "Candy":

Kalie Shorr’s new single, “Candy,” is infectious. The bubbly song is all about craving someone despite knowing that they're bad for you, and Shorr fully embraces the sweet analogy. “You mess me up with that sugar rush / Got me addicted / Melt in my mouth / You disappear / And make me miss it,” she sings. “Mama said you were bad for me / But I didn't listen / Boy, you're delicious / Too bad you ain't nutritious.”

David Lee Murphy, "I Won't Be Sorry":

David Lee Murphy's latest single, "I Won't Be Sorry," is all about embracing life and making the most of your time on this earth. Murphy sings about being able to look back on his life without any regrets about the way he lived: "Someday, I’m gonna look back with a couple of scars / And a few good stories / Someday, if I’m gonna go out / Then I’m gonna go out in a blaze of glory / And I won’t be sorry ..." “I Won’t Be Sorry” will be impacting country radio on July 30.

The Belles, "Same Thing":

Country music newcomers the Belles have shared a warning song about loving a two-timer as their latest single. In “Same Thing,” the mother-daughter duo, comprised of Jaymie and Kelli Jones, sing as if they are speaking directly to the other woman to whom their man has turned. They warn her that he’s telling her things he once said to them, and to not to put too much stock into his words.

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