Without revealing too many details, country star Joe Nichols took to Twitter over the weekend to announce that he and record label Show-Dog Universal have gone their separate ways, Country Music Is Love reports.

"I'd like to thank ShowDog universal for doing the right thing," Joe tweeted. "I'M FREE!!!!!"

"My plans are to make a record with people I trust and love and be at a happy home (label)," he added. "Haven't feel this good about things in a long time."

If those initial messages seemed to indicate bad blood with his former bosses, the "Brokenheartsville" singer hopped back online to clarify.

"Just 2 be clear, I'm VERY thankful 4 showdog and what they have done 4 me," he tweeted. "Our relationship has just reached its limits and I wish them luck."

Watch Joe Nichols' 'Take It Off' Video

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