Tuesday night (Nov. 6), most of the country was anxiously awaiting news of which candidate would take the highest office in the United States' government. Country singers were no exception, with a lot of them signing into social media sites to comment on Gov. Mitt Romney's loss to President Barack Obama.

"I am completely in shock right now!" Sara Evans wrote on Twitter following news of President Obama's reelection. "This SUCKS! Where is this country heading? We might as well prepare for a million trillion $ in debt!

Billy Ray Cyrus had the opposite reaction, posting, "Congratulations Mr President! Congratulations America ...the process worked ...and freedom rings."

Ronnie Dunn -- who has never been shy when it comes to politics -- had a less than optimistic response to the election as a whole before the winner was even announced. "'Mitt' or 'O'... into the hole we go !!" the singer wrote on Facebook.

Maroon 5's Adam Levine, whose country ties include his "bromance" with fellow "Voice" coach Blake Shelton, may have the most retweeted comment of the evening. The pop singer took a jab at Romney's promise to cut spending to PBS, despite the fact that the politician "liked" Big Bird, saying, "That's what happens when you f--- with Sesame Street."

James Otto decided to concentrate on a specific issue, rather than share his opinion on a particular person. "Ill be interested to see how the federal government handles CO & WA legalizing marijuana," he admitted, adding, "Marijuana prohibition is a failure. Billions are spent incarcerating people for simple possession of a drug less harmful than alcohol."

Martina McBride also chimed in, but not in favor of one candidate or the other. "I just hope, 4 yrs from now, they find a way to campaign without spending roughly 5 BILLION $!" she pointed out. "That money could help a lot of kids. Just sayin."

Spreading a non-partisan message was Joe Nichols, who professed peace. "No matter who you voted for, let's come together and stop hating each other," he wrote. "We're in this together."

Although, the best joke (at least we're hoping it was a joke) came from none other than Blake Shelton, who tweeted, "Wow!!! I cant believe how big The Voice has gotten... Every single news channel is talking about people voting!!!!"

Watch a Report on the Election

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