Carter's Chord alum Joanna Ott has released a new solo EP.

'Machinery' features seven songs penned by Ott, who says that she prefers to write without an agenda or particular audience in mind.

"The inspiration behind 'Machinery' was really quite simple. I can’t stop writing songs," Ott says. "It’s an obsession. It’s my first love. I’ve written hundreds of songs. So rather than let them collect dust in my journal, laptop and brain, I decided to record a few of them."

'Machinery' is Ott's first solo effort, but she is a veteran of the music industry after the success of Carter's Chord with her sisters Emily Fortney and Becky Scott, who sing backup on one of the EP's songs, 'No.'

"I’ve realized the thing I love the most about this industry is the creating part," she states. "I love it more than any show I’ve ever played. I live for the stuff behind the performance: the writing, the producing, the recording. I suppose that’s due in part to the reclusive introvert in me."

'Machinery' was a family affair for Ott. In addition to collaborating with her sisters, her mom, Carter Robertson, sang backup on two tracks ('A Thousand Faces' and 'Crazy With Me'), and Ott co-produced the album with her father, Barney Robertson.

"I’m so excited to share ['Machinery'] with whoever wants to listen," Ott says. "I hope it makes someone feel something they haven’t felt in a while. I hope it keeps them company on a drive home. I hope it inspires them to create something of their own. To say there’s more where this comes from is an understatement. I’ll always write songs and I’ll continue to release them down the road for whoever wants to listen. Because like I said, I can’t stop."

'Machinery' is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.

Joanna Ott, 'Machinery' Track Listing:

1. 'A Thousand Faces'
2. 'Road Blues'
3. 'Machinery'
4. 'Never Met You'
5. 'No'
6. 'Crazy With Me'
7. 'Party'

Preview the Tracks From Joanna Ott's 'Machinery'

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