We've known since they signed with Toby Keith's Show Dog label in 2006 that Carter's Chord are dazzling in front of a microphone. Now we finally know they're fantastic on camera, too. The trio -- siblings Joanna, Emily and Becky Robertson -- are out with their very first music video today. Watch the exclusive world premiere of 'A Little Less Comfortable' below.

"Joanna and I wrote 'A Little Less Comfortable' with our good friend, Philip White," Emily tells The Boot. "It's about a relationship that's gone a little bit stale, and there isn't that fire there anymore. But it translates to everyday life. People live pretty comfortably now with all of the amenities that the world has to offer, and you kind of ruin yourself with that. You don't ever go out and do something scary anymore. You don't step outside yourself and push the boundaries and live life as passionately anymore. So we're encouraging people to step outside themselves and live life a little less comfortable in every part of life -- your relationships, your jobs, your family. We really believe in this song and believe in the message."

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'A Little Less Comfortable' marks the sisters' fourth single. They shot the video with famed director Kristin Barlowe, whose lengthy list of famous clients includes Martina McBride, Little Big Town and Jason Aldean.

"We recorded it about a month ago," Becky explains. "This is our very first full production video, and it was just so much fun. We've spent our lives looking in the mirror, lip-synching songs, so to actually be in that position and to have a set and a glam squad making us look nice, was just so overwhelming. It was one of the songs we feel so strongly about, so to see it visually come to life was amazing. We just saw the final edit the other day, and all three of us cried, we were so excited."

The video was shot in an old warehouse in Watertown, Tenn. that houses props from television and movies. In fact, one of those props is the guitar Gwyneth Paltrow played in the movie, 'Country Strong,' which Emily borrowed for this video. Watch a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the 'A Little Less Comfortable' video here.