While some may dread turning the big 3-0, Becky Robertson of Carter's Chord welcomed the birthday milestone with some unexpected finger bling. The singer recently took to the band's official Twitter account to announce her engagement to boyfriend Jeremiah Scott.

"It's official!! Yesterday I got the best birthday gift ever ... I am engaged y'all! So happy and blessed," Becky posted.

The groom-to-be is a Nashville-based studio engineer and producer who specializes in rock and country music. The future bride, the eldest of Carter's Chord's three singing sisters, recently released 'Wild Together,' the band's six-song EP that features their latest single, 'A Little Less Comfortable.'

Courtesy Alliance Media
Courtesy Alliance Media

"Country music was a huge part of how we grew up," Becky tells The Boot about the influences behind the project. "Our parents were both in Waylon Jennings' band. Our mom sang his background vocals and our dad played the keys all during the Outlaw years. Growing up, we were surrounded by music. It was like a musical conservatory sometimes. There was always somebody playing something or working on projects. We had a studio upstairs in our house, so from the time we were really young we were able to go up and record in the studio or write songs."

Now, all three Carter's Chord members are officially off the market. Becky's sisters Joanna and Emily are both married ladies, with middle sister Emily having tied the knot with Trailer Choir lead singer Marc "Butter" Fortney last September.

Watch Carter's Chord's 'A Little Less Comfortable' Video

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