Jo Dee Messina's latest album, 'Me,' which is her first studio album in nine years, was released on Tuesday (March 18). The singer, who released the record independently, says the first track, 'Not Dead Yet,' is drawn from her own struggles.

"That was my intention of the placement," she tells The Boot. "That song I wrote after I sat at a meeting and heard a million excuses of ‘Why not?’ You know, ‘Hey, what are we doing touring-wise this year?’ ‘Well let me tell you why we can’t do this.’"

The 43-year-old parted ways with Curb Records in 2012, following a lengthy battle after they continued to delay the release of her album, 'Unmistakable,' while still holding her to her contract. As a result, it took her a while to rebound with a new project.

"I was like ‘Guys, I understand it’s easier to work something fresh, new and exciting. But I’m not dead yet. I still have a lot to offer,'" she says.

"And if you listen to this album it is rock solid from top to bottom. Well, there’s two throw-ins there," she adds with a laugh, "but it’s pretty solid."

The Massachusetts native was thrilled to finally be on her own, and release the album she has always wanted to make, which she shares in two of the tunes on the project.

"There’s ‘Take It’ and there’s ‘I’m Free,'" she explains. "Those two songs really capture the sense of freedom of making this record."

Messina relied heavily on her fans to record 'Me.' She raised more than $100,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to record the project, and is also asking fans to submit video clips of their own interpretation of the lyrics in her latest single, 'A Woman's Rant,' to be used in the song's official video.

“This album is truly for you, the people who appreciate the creative process, as well as my amazing fans,” she notes. “There’s no question, I wouldn’t be where I am today without your love and support.”

Purchase 'Me' here.