Country music fans can expect to soon hear new singles from Kip Moore, Jerrod Niemann and more on their radios. Read on to learn about these and other recently released singles.

David Lee Murphy and Kenny Chesney, "Everything's Gonna Be Alright"

David Lee Murphy and Kenny Chesney’s new single “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” is a song that aims to put everything into perspective: “You watch the news, and look around … it’s a tough world,” Murphy says in a press release. “You know, you can lean into all of that, or you can step back and trust life. When you do that, it makes it easier to take a deep breath and roll with everything that’s going on around you.” “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” was written by Murphy, Chris Stevens and Jimmy Yeary; the song, along with all of Murphy’s  upcoming album, No Zip Code, was produced by Chesney and Buddy Cannon. -- CC

Jerrod Niemann, "I Got This"

In his upbeat new single "I Got This," Jerrod Niemann is saying something that most people want to hear from their significant other. Niemann wants his girl to know that she can sit back, relax and let him handle things. Throughout the song, Niemann puts his lady at easy by confidently singing, “That's right, I got this / Don't got to think too hard / It's a can't-miss / I know right where to start / Yeah, the only thing I'm needin' is a girl to play the lead / In this cool movie that I'm dreaming of right now.” “I Got This” is from Niemann’s latest release, This Ride. -- CC

Kip Moore, "Last Shot"

Kip Moore’s new single “Last Shot” is a strong ballad all about putting how you feel into words. "Last Shot" finds Moore reflecting about romance and what it means to say you love someone: "Well, baby, love's just one of them words that gets thrown around / Like Jack and Coke sitting on the bar when it gets watered down / So I ain't gonna say it; no, I ain't gonna lie...” “Last Shot” was written by Moore, Dan Couch and David Lee Murphy; Moore also serves as the producer. The song appears on Moore’s latest release, Slowheart. -- CC

Kane Brown, "Heaven"

Kane Brown talks all about a perfect romance in his new single, “Heaven.” Throughout the song, Brown sings about his girl, whom he’s pretty convinced is sent from above: “I swear, you're an angel / Sent to this world / What did I do right to deserve you, girl?” The chorus mixes country with a slow, smooth, R&B-esque sound as Brown sings, “Everybody's talking about Heaven like they just can't wait to go / Saying how it's gonna be so good, so beautiful / Lying next to you, in this bed with you, I ain't convinced / ‘Cause I don't know how, I don't know how Heaven, Heaven / Could be better than this." “Heaven” is the follow-up single to Brown’s hit song “What Ifs;” it appears on the deluxe version of his self-titled debut record. -- CC

Morgan Wallen Feat. Florida Georgia Line, "Up Down"

“Up Down” is Morgan Wallen (a former The Voice contestant)’s follow-up single to "The Way I Talk;" both songs come from his debut EP, The Way I Talk. The party-ready song about livin’ it up ”down here in BFE” (Google it) will officially be going for adds at country radio on Nov. 27 and features Florida Georgia Line; Wallen toured with FGL on their Smooth Tour, and he tells People the duo treats him like "a little brother." -- AS

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