Singer-songwriter Jeremy Ivey has announced his sophomore album. Waiting Out the Storm will arrive this fall, on Oct. 9, via Anti- Records.

News of Ivey's new project arrived Tuesday (Aug. 18), along with the record's first track, "Someone Else's Problem," which readers can hear above. The artist co-wrote the vaguely trippy, bongo-laced track with his wife, fellow artist Margo Price, who also produced the album; it takes aim at those who move through life apathetic and lacking empathy.

"You say it’s such a shame, all the families on the street / And you hold your children close when you pass the place they sleep / And you wanna give them something, but you don’t have any cash / Besides, you know you pay your taxes, the city should clean up all this trash," Ivey sings in one of many verses that examine religion, politics and a variety of social issues, adding at the end of each, "It ain't your problem."

Jeremy Ivey Waiting Out the Storm
Anti- Records

However, Ivey points out at the song's end, "there's really no such thing as someone else’s problem."

"As cliché as it is, we're all a living organism together," the artist adds in a statement, "and we have to take care of ourselves while taking care of each other."

As a whole, Waiting Out the Storm "takes a wider look at the world around us — the landscape, the people that populate it, and the ways in which we help each other survive against all odds," a press release explains. Says Ivey, "I decided to be political, but not so strongly one-sided about it. Some of these songs are about things that are current, but they could also be true 30 years from now."

Waiting Out the Storm follows 2019's The Dream and the Dreamer, Ivey's debut album. Price also produced that record.

Jeremy Ivey, Waiting Out the Storm Tracklist:

1. "Tomorrow People"
2. "Paradise Alley"
3. "Movies"
4. "Hands Down in Your Pockets"
5. "White Shadow"
6. "Things Could Get Much Worse"
7. "Someone Else’s Problem"
8. "Loser Town"
9. "What’s the Matter Esther"
10. "How It Has to Be"

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