Jennifer Nettles teamed up with Josh Groban for an earth-shaking new song, "99 Years," which can be found on Groban's recently released album Bridges. The two powerful voices combine in a duet to tell the story of a potential life lived well; readers can press play above to hear the soaring ballad.

Sings Nettles in the second verse of "99 Years," "They built a house of love in the face of worry / But life has a way of rewriting the story / There were times when it looked like nothing could save them / There were times that it looked like nothing could break them." Groban sings lead on the song's first verse, while the two join together for a swelling chorus.

"Will we look back down on 99 years of a wonderful life? / When we laughed and we cried and our love grew stronger with every fight / There'll be a thousand moments for you to say 'I told you' / And a million more for us to say 'I love you'," Groban and Nettles sing, harmonizing hopefully. "So let's look forward to you and I looking back / On 99 years like that."

Nettles teased her collaboration with Groban on her Instagram page in July, letting fans know that the song would be included on Bridges. Groban's new album dropped on Friday (Sept. 21).

Groban is one of a number of cross-genre collaborations into which Nettles has ventured, which speaks to her passion for broadening the horizons of country music. She and Sugarland duo partner Kristian Bush got a little help from Taylor Swift and Train frontman Pat Monahan on their latest album, Bigger: Swift and Monahan co-wrote Sugarland's single "Babe," and Swift provides harmonies on the studio version of the song.

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