After a three-year stint with the Lost Trailers, lead singer Jason Wyatt announced his departure on Thursday (April 17).

Wyatt joined founding member Stokes Nielson in re-launching the Trailers as a duo in 2011, releasing two Top 40 singles, 'Underdog' and 'American Beauty.' His decision to leave is driven by a renewed interest in his solo career, as well as the desire to focus more on his music production, songwriting and artist development company, Jason Wyatt Productions.

Among his upcoming projects, Wyatt has signed on as a consultant and producer for 'American Country Star,' a Nashville-based national music competition for aspiring country music artists.

“I really appreciate these last few years with the Trailers,” Wyatt says in a press release. “I have loved playing to all of the great fans around the country. All I can say is stay excited… there’s a lot more to come.”

Wyatt is currently working on a solo album, which he hopes to release in the fourth quarter of 2014. For more information on his various projects, click here.