No, that's not a typo. Jamey Johnson and Randy Houser are reliving their good ole days -- the years they performed together as 'Traler Park,' pronounced like 'trailer' but with a funny story about why the 'i' is missing.

"Six of us decided it was time to get a writer's room," Jamey tells The Boot of his songwriting buddies' search for an office, back in 2004. "We went to do the lease on the place and the landlord said, 'What's the name of your company?' The first thing I could think of was a trailer park. I told the guy, 'Well, we're the Trailer Park.'"

"Some other writer came in, took a sharpie and wrote 'Traler Park,' and left the 'i' out, and hung it above the door," Randy explains. "And so that's why you get the spelling for T-R-A-L-E-R without the 'i'."

The name stuck for the six friends, and they started performing shows around Nashville billed 'The Traler Park Night.'

"We would book this all-night entertainment gig, and the bands would basically split the tips, or if we managed to get paid something from the door, we'd split that up," Jamey recalls. "Everybody would take home about ten bucks. But no matter where we did them, we were packing the place out from the stage to the bathroom. It was really special for us."

When Jamey and Randy were asked to put on a benefit show for the Opry, they came up with the idea to reunite the Traler Park for the event. And what better venue to hold it in than Nashville's famed Ryman Auditorium, where they will play together with Jerrod Niemann on May 28.

"To think that we have the opportunity to bring that Traler Park show to the Ryman -- this is the mother church of country music," Randy gushes. "So we actually called it the Traler Park Revival. There probably will be a few people saved that night ... and a few people will probably turn down Jesus that night! [laughs]"

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