Jameson Rodgers and Luke Combs know how to let the good times roll. The country singers deliver the party right to your backyard in their fun new video for their new collaboration, "Cold Beer Calling My Name."

The clip premiered via YouTube on Tuesday night (Feb. 9), starring the two country singers as beer truck delivery drivers. The clip opens with Rodgers getting a final warning about taking his duties more seriously or getting fired before he takes off in an 18-wheeler full of beer to make his delivery rounds for the day, with Combs along as his sidekick.

After a relatively dull, routine day, things look up considerably as they get to the end of their shift, when a friend calls to ask if they can come hang with the boys and bring along some beer.

And boy, do they ever — an entire truckload, in fact. We won't promise that Rodgers' character is going to keep his job after this stunt, but at least he had a good time losing it.

Per a press release, Dustin Haney directed Rodgers' new music video. Eagle-eyed fans will also spot recently signed songwriter and artist Drew Parker, as well as songwriters Dan and Reid Isbell, in the clip.

Rodgers co-wrote "Cold Beer Calling My Name" with songwriter Hunter Phelps, and he released it as his latest single to country radio in November.

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