Rising country singer-songwriter Jackie Lee and his family are mourning the loss of his mother, LaDonna Midkiff, who passed away Saturday evening (June 4), after a battle with cancer.

All Access first shared the news of Midkiff's death on Monday (June 6). On his social media channels, Lee shares a heartfelt message, admitting, "I have no clue what to say, how to act or what to do. My family is in extreme pain, and to be honest, we don't deserve to be."

He continues, "The outpouring of love for my mom only shows the beautiful person she is on the inside and how perfectly beautiful she is on the outside. She has the strongest will of any person that I have ever met, and she gave me so many kisses everyday that I never ever wondered if I was loved."

Lee adds that he and his family "love her with everything we are made of." He doesn't shy away from being vulnerable, saying that he "can't even begin to describe how hurt we feel."

"This is not okay, and our lives are completely different forever," Lee continues before concluding, "Thank you to everyone that has showed us love because my mom showed you love ... I miss her so much."

Tae Dye of duo Maddie & Tae is dating Lee, so she got to know Midkiff before her passing. The singer-songwriter posted a photo on her own Instagram account of herself, Midkiff, Lee and his brother.

"It captures her perfectly," writes Dye. "Being goofy with her boys while riding the trolly to one of her favorite places, Dollywood."

A service for Midkiff took place on Tuesday (June 7) at High Praises Church in Maryville, Tenn.

Lee is signed to Broken Bow Records and has released two singles.

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