After what he calls "the longest year of his life," Jackie Lee has released a brand-new single, "Comeback," which details the story of a past romantic relationship that may still have some life left in it. Readers can press play above to listen to the resilient song.

"Six months passed since we both said goodbye / Never thought that I'd run into you here tonight / And I can't help but think your smile is the same / As it was when back when I saw you everyday / I probably shouldn't say / What I am about to say / We could make a comeback / If you come back," Lee sings as the song's first verse opens.

While "Comeback" doesn't directly address Lee's own personal battles, the song comes on the heels of another track, "Long Year," which is a strikingly open excavation of the country singer's loss of his mother to cancer in 2016, and his own subsequent battle with the disease. Although Lee has said that he doesn't want the traumas and tragedies of the past couple of years to define his career, it's difficult for listeners not to draw parallels between "Comeback's" message of possibility and being open to re-discovering love with Lee's own powerful reclamation of his life and health.

“It’s not that he’s making a career comeback — he still has to be introduced to the world,” Aaron Eshuis, his producer says. “It’s more of a physical comeback, an emotional comeback, a spiritual recovery. There’s so much going on behind that title.”

Furthermore, the latest track's title is inspired by a message Lee's mother passed along to him before her death.

"When my mom was going though her battle, she encouraged herself and the rest of my family by writing positive vibes on Post-It notes." Lee shares on Twitter. "One of her last notes said, 'Your setback is a setup for a comeback.'" Lee's brother sent him a picture of that note on the same week that he was headed into the studio to record "Comeback." The cover art for "Comeback" is the handwritten note from his late mother. "Blows my mind that my mom always knows everything about me and she knows what I need exactly when I need it." the artist says.

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