Jackie Lee has another person's broken heart to thank for his latest single, "Getting Over You." The song, written by Lee, Paul DiGiovanni and Brent Anderson, was inspired by a breakup that one of the other writers experienced.

"The guy showed up to the write that day; he said, ‘Guys, I went through a breakup,'" Lee recalls to The Boot, not naming names. "He said, ‘She did text me the other night, and said, ‘You think getting over me was hard, try getting over you.’ I was like, ‘Well, we got to write that.’"

"Getting Over You," which readers can hear below, will be included on Lee's upcoming album, which he's hoping to release in the spring; "it all depends on how the single does, obviously," the singer notes.

Lee is signed with Broken Bow Records. Previously, he spent a couple years on Big Machine, "and it just didn’t work out."

"[BBR CEO] Benny [Brown] was the first guy to say, ‘Hey, I like you, but I don’t like your songs. They need to be better.’ I was like, ‘Cool. No one’s ever said that to me before,'" Lee shares. "He was very helpful and crafty in what I do now."

Lee admits that he enjoys the writing process, but he's not sure if his name will appear in the writing credits for all of his record's songs.

"I don’t know if I’ll write every song on it," he says, "but I guess coming out with a song that I did write set a precedent for what we’re trying to do, and let people know that, ‘Hey, I’m this guy, and I hope you like it as much as I do.'"

"Getting Over You" is available for download on iTunes.

Listen to Jackie Lee, "Getting Over You":

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