For this installment of the Young FablesCovering Your Tracks series, Laurel Wright and Wes Lunsford are taking on Jackie Lee's breakup ballad "Getting Over You." Click play above to watch the duo's acoustic rendition of the song, exclusively debuting on The Boot.

For their cover of Lee's tune, the Young Fables opted for a stripped-down setup, with Wright on acoustic guitar and lead vocals and Lunsford adding depth with electric guitar and the duo's trademark harmonies. Written by Lee, Paul DiGiovanni and Brent Anderson, "Getting Over You" was actually inspired by another person's breakup: The song's title lyrics come directly from a text that one of the song's writers (Lee won't say who) got from an ex-girlfriend: "You think getting over me was hard, try getting over you," she wrote.

Apart from enjoying Lee's music, Wright actually has a personal connection with the country singer: “When I was younger ... Jackie Lee's father was my family's pastor," she tells The Boot. "I also attended a daycare run by the family, before I was in elementary school. What a small world [that] Jackie and I lived on the same street, only five minutes from each other."

Their hometown connection is what made the Young Fables want to cover "Getting Over You." Wright says it's "inspiring to know that there is another soldier out there fighting to put our hometown on the map;" however, she admits, there's someone else in their hometown who's an even bigger fan of Lee.

"Wes and I are huge fans of Jackie’s new single ... [but] maybe not as big as my mother," Wright says with a laugh. "She listens to him ALL THE TIME!"

“Getting Over You” is currently available for download on iTunes. A new installment of Covering Your Tracks will debut on The Boot on March 22.

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