Hot Country Knights show off their tender side with a ... uh, touching new duet featuring Terri Clark, "You Make It Hard." The track and its accompanying music video, of course, keeps their trademark brand of sexual innuendo firmly (ahem!) in place.

Lead singer Doug Douglason (Dierks Bentley) proves to be the ultimate romantic in this breathtaking ballad, which finds him and fellow '90s icon Clark tangled in passion. The duet partners take to a lavishly decorated bedroom set, with furry red pillows and lit candles lining the floor, setting the mood for romance.

Douglason really dressed up for the occasion, trading his high-waisted acid-washed jeans and matching jacket for a pair of tighty whities, his cowboy boots and his signature shades. He sprawls out on a bobcat taxidermy rug, striking his finest Jeff Goldblum-esque pose; meanwhile, Clark showers herself in rose petals, donning a cheetah-print robe.

Clark seductively strokes Douglason's bare chest as they sing to one another: "You make it hard / Hard for me to leave this room / You make it hard / Baby, I am so into you" the croon, with a few gentle face (and thigh) caresses thrown in before ending with the climactic line "every inch of me is so into you."

"Before @thetimmcgraw & @faithhill, there *should have been* Doug & @terriclarkmusic," the Knights disclose about the song on Instagram. "I’m not saying that they ripped us off, but they definitely completely stole our thing."

"You Make It Hard" is the final early release from the band's upcoming debut album, The K Is Silent, which is due out on Friday (May 1). They've previously unveiled "Moose Knuckle Shuffle," "Asphalt," "The USA Begins With Us" and their lead single, "Pick Her Up," with Travis Tritt.

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