Since the release of their major-label debut album, Dear Life, High Valley have been enjoying a steady rise in fame, most recently with the record's second single, "She's With Me." The song is about being with a woman who's “amazing, amazing, out of my league," and its music video was filmed in Nashville, on a huge plantation -- a location with which the duo's Brad Rempel was pretty familiar.

"I rented a guest house in Nashville for three years, and literally across the street was this gorgeous plantation house," Rempel tells The Boot. "When they texted me the address of the video, I showed my wife and was like, 'Can you believe it? This is literally where we used to live!' It was amazing."

To match the plantation's history and heritage, High Valley enlisted two talented dancers to display their best moves ... while wearing Victorian-era clothing. Additionally, throughout the clip, there's more than a few shots of Curtis Rempel -- Brad's brother and bandmate -- showing off his skills on the banjo ... and we're not just talking about his playing.

"Curtis balances a banjo on his face, he uses it as a baseball bat ..." Brad Rempel notes with a laugh. "It has nothing to do with the song at all, but we thought it was fun!"

Although Dear Life is their first album with a major label in the U.S., it's actually High Valley's fifth studio album. The Rempels have been making country music together for over a decade, always dedicated to their craft, and working even when they're on vacation.

"We always go back to Pensacola Beach, Fla.," Brad Rempel admits, adding that while he does take some time to relax in the sun and sand, music is never far from his mind. "We enjoy it and take a break, but I also bring my producer and songwriting pals along, and we write songs during the evening on Spring Break."

High Valley don't rest too long when it comes to touring either. In June, the duo will join Tim McGraw and Faith Hill for three dates on their Soul2Soul Tour, and they have shows planned throughout the spring and summer. Visit High Valley's official website for more details.

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