From sweet stories of people's relationships with their dogs to a behind-the-scenes look at a glamorous country music festival in Nashville, country music videos offer something for everyone this week. Read on to get to know your new favorites! 

RaeLynn, "Bra Off":

RaeLynn is making waves in the music video  for her latest song, "Bra Off." In the clip, the artist joins forces with her friends (keep your eyes peeled for some cameos from artist friends, like Cassadee Pope) to rock around a swimming poo. Together, the group of friends celebrate her new found freedom from a relationship that was constrictive and suffocating -- kind of like, well, a bra. Life's a breeze once RaeLynn unhooks herself out of the situation and gets that extra weight off her back. -- LS 

Mumford & Sons, "Blind Leading the Blind":

Mumford & Sons draw inspiration from writer John Steinbeck in their song, "Blind Leading the Blind." However, the music video finds its inspiration in the drumming of Marcus Mumford, showcased as he plays alone inside an empty warehouse in Bangkok, China. The video, filmed during the band's international tour last year, captures the intensity of the lyrics via Mumford's impassioned skill on the drums, set in slow and fast motion, light and dark, as he drives out the tune.

"We wanted to access the nature of the song, including some of its anger, introspection and even self-flagellation. A drum kit and an old sweaty laundry in Bangkok while on tour provided all we needed.” Mumford shares. --LS

Easton Corbin, "Raising Humans":

Easton Corbin's "Raising Humans" tells the story of the bond between a dog and his human, so it's only fitting that the music video for the track spotlights his fans' own four-legged friends. The clip shows a montage of snapshots of fans and their dogs, and Corbin says that the track has inspired listeners of all stripes to come forward and share their favorite animal memories.

"I have been blown away by the response to this song," the singer says in a press release. "It really goes to prove just how special these bonds are with our pets and how this unconditional love they show helps us all through the daily grind of life -- through the ups and downs. They really do raise us in a way. Every time I have performed this song, my fans have come up to me telling me some pretty amazing stories about their dogs and pets and how much this song has moved them." -- CL

High Valley, "Your Mama":

The music video for High Valley's latest song becomes a family affair, as Canadian brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel include shots of their wives, children and parents set to the lyrics of "Your Mama."

“This is the first time we’ve been able to feature our families in a music video! We think our kids our natural-born actors,” Brad says in a press release. “This video will always be special to us because of the great memories we have with our wives, our children and even our mom and dad, who we flew down to join us. We’re very proud of it – but I think our mom is prouder than anyone else!” -- LS

Larkin Poe, "Mississippi":

Larkin Poe turn up the heat in the music video for their blues-driven tune, "Mississippi," shot on location at the Enterprise laundromat in Nashville. One half of the duo, Megan Lovell, says that making the video was as authentic as it gets.

"We didn’t particularly tell people to stay out of the shot, so I love that they're walking by in the background, doing their laundry, like this was nothing unusual. This just happens every day. It was pretty funny." Her sister and musical counterpart, Rebecca Lovell tells Billboard that it's a laundromat she's familiar with, having done her own laundry there a time or two. "...So I met the owner and asked. He was a bit skeptical at first, but it worked out well. It took us maybe an hour and a half, two hours, so those people who were there really got to know the song 'Mississippi.’" -- LS

Madison Kozak, "OMG ILY":

Madison Kozak gives an insider glimpse behind the scenes of her first big awards week in Nashville in the music video for "OMG ILY." From red carpets to after parties, the artist hops from event to event, while she sings her bubbly new songs all about the one person that's worth escaping all the parties for. -- LS

Sam Grow, "Drink About That":

Sam Grow takes a serious look at distracted driving in the music video for "Drink About That." Filmed in Nashville, the video centers on a man drinking alone at a bar, as he remembers his last date with a girl who didn't make it out of an accident caused when a text message took her attention off the road for a brief second. Grow's emotional video drives home the #itcanwait message. -- LS

Bellamy Brothers, "Over the Moon":

The Bellamy Brothers are "Over the Moon" in the music video for title track of their latest album. Featuring a slow dance with their real-life loves, and glimpses of the characters from their reality series, Honky Tonk Ranch, the video was filmed at their ranch in Darby, Florida. -- LS

William Prince, "The Spark":

William Prince takes a closer look at the inherent danger -- and reward --  of love in the video for his latest single, "The Spark." Examining the initial spark and the eventual ashes of romance, the singer/songwriter sits close to a growing flame. Filmed outside of Toronto around a crackling fire, Prince sings reflective lyrics about taking risk and the payoff in love as the fire he sits near consumes him. -- LS

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