Alt-country outfit Lucero has shared a surprising new single from their forthcoming album Should've Learned By Now

The piano-driven ballad "Raining for Weeks" is the perfect, complementary departure from the band's most recent singles. The track's music video features lead singer Ben Nichols performing his guitar part alone in the rain, a fitting visual for a somber tune about tearful goodbyes.

"This was a new guitar part that I wrote while playing guitar and chasing my daughter around the basement," bandleader Ben Nichols says. "It reminded me of something I might hear in a Wes Anderson film. Maybe one was on TV while we were playing. For such a simple little song, it has some of my favorite lyrics on the album, suggesting the narrator has been completely unaware of the consequences of his actions."

Watch the official music video for "Raining for Weeks" below:

Should've Learned By Now, the band's 12th studio album, arrives on Feb. 24 via Liberty & Lament and Thirty Tigers. Sonically, the project promises a return to the band's punchy, trademark sound at the core of their earlier releases. 

Along with "Raining for Weeks," the record will include their two previous singles, the brash "One Last F.U." and hard-rocking "Buy a Little Time." 

Lucero, Should’ve Learned by Now Track List:

1. "One Last F.U."
2. "Macon If We Make It"
3. "She Leads Me"
4. "At the Show"
5. "Nothing’s Alright"
6. "Raining for Weeks"
7. "Buy a Little Time"
8. "Should’ve Learned by Now"
9. "Drunken Moon"
10. "Time to Go Home"

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