Harper Grae takes a pause to reflect on past relationships in "I Think About You." The track's stunning new music video is premiering exclusively today on The Boot; press play below to listen.

Sometimes the smallest things can transport you back to a long passed moment in time. Grae's latest single, "I Think About You," acknowledges those little reminders that can make you think of a person, even if you don't stay in touch anymore.

Grae notes that the song was inspired by the swarm of exes that tried to reconnect with her after she went public with her now-wife, Dawn. In her brand new music video, Grae focuses on those quiet, reflective moments that can emerge when people and situations from the past are brought back to the present.

"[The] I Think About You music video brings to life the scrapbook songwriting style we chose to use by utilizing performance shots and more intimate shots at my home," Grae says. "We worked hard to create a video experience that mimicked the storytelling lyric by feeling vulnerable, intimate and truthful."

Watch the official music video for "I Think About You" below.

"This music video was a labor of love and my first experience co-directing," Grae notes. "I got to work with one of my dear friends Kim Neumann who co-directed right alongside myself. We worked together, virtually, from start to finish: storyboarding, editing, filming etc... I am incredibly proud of what we created."
The release of "I Think About You" bookmarks an incredibly successful and memorable year for Grae, who was named a member of CMT’s Next Women of Country Class of 2021 and hit the road as tour support for Josh Kelley. In July, she and wife Dawn celebrated the birth of their daughter, Declan Monroe Gates.
You can learn more about Harper Grae by visiting her official website.

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