Country newcomers Haley & Michaels have released a lyric video for their debut single, 'Just Another Love Song,' and they're letting readers of The Boot be the first ones to see it.

The duo, composed of Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels, co-wrote the song with Lonestar singer and front man Richie McDonald, who is also featured on the single.

“We got in the room to write for the very first time with Richie McDonald, and we started talking about love songs and what happens to those songs after you break up. Of course Richie was part of one of country music’s greatest chart-topping singles of all time, ‘Amazed,’ so he had a good grasp on the concept,” Michaels observes. “We wondered, what do you do when you break up with someone and that song becomes ‘just another love song’?”

“So we took that question and decided to write about it,” adds Haley. “We all thought it would be cool to integrate a famous love song and all of us, including Richie, were searching the internet for the right love song to fit. When it finally hit us that we were in the room with the person who sang one of our favorite love songs of all time, we laughed and realized it had already been decided."

The pair grew up close to each other in California, but their paths never crossed until they both came to Nashville. After a powerful first performance together at the Roxy in LA, they joined up. Haley & Michaels have also completed filming a full-scale video for 'Just Another Love Song,' and their debut album is slated for release later in 2014.

Download ‘Just Another Love Song’ here.