Haley and Michaels recently released a video for their debut single, 'Just Another Love Song,' and they are taking readers of The Boot behind the scenes of the video shoot in this exclusive clip.

“It’s basically a song about two people who have a song, a love song when they’re together,” Shannon Haley says of the track. “The idea of what happens when you break up, what happens to that song? It becomes just another love song.”

The duo wrote the song with Lonestar front man Richie McDonald, and the lyric incorporates elements of Lonestar's signature hit, 'Amazed.' He is also featured on the single.

Kellie Pickler‘s husband, Kyle Jacobs, and Matt McClure produced the song for the pair, who grew up close to one another in northern California, but didn’t meet until they were both living in Nashville.

Check them out in the clip above on the set of the video shoot, which includes scenes of setting fires, as well as breaking dishes in Ryan Michaels' kitchen.

He also threw a guitar in the street in one scene. "It was kind of a lifelong dream," he says. "I didn't know this morning it was gonna happen, and there was gonna be fire and explosions happening in the driveway."