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Richie McDonald Reuniting With Lonestar
Country-pop group Lonestar will greet the new year with something new -- and someone familiar. The multi-platinum-selling group have reunited with original lead singer Richie McDonald and announced that a new album and world tour are scheduled for 2012, marking the band's 20th anniversary...
Richie McDonald Has His Eye on the ‘Moon’
Richie McDonald has no boundaries when it comes to setting goals. Now he's sharing that philosophy with the world with his new single, 'Footprints on the Moon,' from his just-released album 'Slow Down.'
"I really owe the title to my wife, Lorie," Richie admi…
Richie McDonald Recalls Tearful Christmas Surprise
Richie McDonald and his wife Lorie enjoy an annual Christmas tradition they lovingly share with their three children -- son, Rhett, 13, and daughters Mollie, 11, and Maisie, 8.
"We try to go to Opryland Hotel at Christmas time for a couple of days," the singer tells The Boot...

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