Gwyneth Paltrow took to the stage at Sunday's Academy Awards to perform 'Coming Home,' the Oscar-nominated song featured in the film, 'Country Strong.' This was the second time in a matter of a few months Gwyneth performed a song from the movie on an awards shows. Last November, she sang 'Country Strong,' with backing vocals by Vince Gill, at the CMA Awards. She also performed with Cee Lo Green at the Grammy Awards earlier this month, on his huge hit, 'Forget You.'

Presenter Jennifer Hudson introduced the Oscar-winning actress as "singing sensation and country music's newst star." Standing solo on a circular platform, the gorgeous Gwyneth wore a gold, draped one-shoulder dress, while she sang a shortened version of the song. This was her first appearance to perform on an awards show by herself; in previous appearances, she had someone else on stage to share the spotlight.

'Coming Home,' written by Bob DiPiero, Tom Douglas, Hillary Lindsey, and Troy Verges, was nominated alongside 'We Belong Together' from 'Toy Story 3,' 'If I Rise' from '127 Hours' and 'I See the Light' from 'Tangled.' Legendary tunesmith Randy Neman took home the Oscar for 'We Belong Together.'

Gwyneth, who became both a country star and country fan through 'Country Strong,' says songs like the one she performed Sunday are easily relatable. "When you've lived and experienced happiness and grief and tragedy and wonderful things, and the older you get, the more you experience, the more you can bring to your art, whether it's a song or a film," she theorizes. "That's one of the things about country music that I love so much is a song like 'Coming Home' that's so honest, and it speaks to everyone. You know, everybody can relate to the lyrics of that song."

On the red carpet, Gwyneth wore a stunning, gold Calvin Klein dress and was asked if she could do a duet with anyone (other than her 'Country Strong' co-star Tim McGraw, of course), who would it be? She said, "Jay Z," who just so happens to be the husband of one of her best friends, Beyoncé. "I think we'd be a good combination," Gwyneth continued. "He is a genius, and I'm his biggest fan."

'Me and Tennessee,' the Tim McGraw/Gwyneth Paltrow duet, is the latest single from the star-studded 'Country Strong' soundtrack. The film arrives on DVD and Blueray on April 12, and includes special features including an extended performance of 'Shake That Thing' by Gwyneth.