Gwyneth Paltrow joined rapper Cee Lo Green and the Jim Henson Company Puppets for a performance of a radio-friendly version of Cee Lo's 'F--- You,' otherwise known as 'Forget You,' at Sunday night's Grammy Awards. This isn't the first time Gwyneth has worked with Cee Lo. The Oscar-winning actress performed the rap star's Record and Song of the Year nominated tune on 'Glee' in November, and even did a brief duet of the tune with him during their 'Saturday Night Live' appearance last month.

With a fantasy-themed set featuring the Puppets as his Grammy backup band, Cee Lo was seated at a piano wearing a colorful, peacock-like suit topped off with a silver skullcap to perform his Grammy-nominated tune. In the middle of the song, Gwyneth appeared at the top of a set of stairs dressed in a black jacket, open down-to-there, with skin-tight black pants, sky-high heels and pink feather earrings. Sporting the proper attitude and strong soulful voice, she strutted around the stage, even climbing on top of the piano and then sliding toward Cee Lo, reminiscent of Michelle Pfeiffer's role in 1989's 'The Fabulous Baker Boys.' She then stood up on top of the piano in those tall, tall heels to finish the song, and people at home seemed to be holding their collective breath hoping she would not take a tumble. Safe at last, Gwyneth proved herself as a vocalist once again on her second awards show appearance.

The 'Country Strong' actress has had a bit of practice singing in front of a live audience when she performed the title track of the film live on the CMA Awards last November, even receiving a standing ovation as the final notes of the song faded. Gwyneth was also recently tapped to perform the Best Original Song nominee, 'Coming Home,' from the 'Country Strong' soundtrack on this year's Academy Awards, taking place on February 27.

"It was a great, great experience," Gwyneth told The Boot of her guest-starring 'Glee' role. "I loved all the people. It was the most ridiculous character. I play this crazy substitute teacher, and it was great. I was so lucky to get that role." In addition to 'Forget You,' she also performed a blend of the classic 'Singing in the Rain' and Rihanna's 'Umbrella.' She just finished shooting her upcoming second appearance on the popular FOX television show last week.

The actress is no stranger to the music scene either, having charted a hit single with Huey Lewis on a remake of 'Cruisin'' from the film 'Duets' in 2000. She also happens to be married to Coldplay's Chris Martin, who co-wrote 'Me and Tennessee,' a duet with 'Country Strong' co-star Tim McGraw, which is the next single from the film's soundtrack.

"It's been such a surprise for me; just the idea that I could hear myself on country radio, especially now that I'm such a fan of country music," she said. "It's like a dream. It's surreal."

Garnering tons of praise for her foray into music, especially in the country field, it would not be surprising if she returned to Music City to make a full album, but she's not so sure.

"I really loved doing this, and I discovered a whole side that I didn't really know that I had," explains Gwyneth. "It was an amazing process. I would never rule anything out, but my favorite part was getting to have Vince Gill sing with me. I love that sort of harmonizing. I think I'd rather sing backup with someone than put myself front and center."