Granger Smith has picked the cheerfully romantic "If the Boot Fits" as his new single.

"If the Boot Fits" is a country take on a classic fairytale, with Smith painting himself as the prince looking for his "small-town Cinderella" that he can't wait to be "dancin' in the headlights" with ... "if the boot fits."

"Yeah, baby we can run away / My carriage is a 4x4 400-horse Chevrolet," Smith sings. "You're like a princess / In a blue cotton dress / I can be your prince."

Press play below to hear "If the Boot Fits."

"If the Boot Fits" is the second single from Smith's upcoming album, Remington, which is due out on March 4. The project is his first with Wheelhouse Records, after years successfully growing his fan base and brand as an independent artist.

“A lot of people were asking me, ‘Why? Why would you sign with a label?’ And the goal all along was [to] find the relationship, search for the relationship — somebody that believed in what we were doing and then understood the goal. And didn’t want to take any creativity out of it but wanted to magnify that with us,” Smith tells The Boot. “And we found that with BBR. They’ve lived up to that. They let us make the record that we wanted to make. If we feel very strongly about anything, they say, ‘Do it. If that’s your thing, do it.’”

Remington's debut single, "Backroad Song," recently hit No. 1.

"If the Boot Fits" is available for download now on iTunes.

Listen to Granger Smith, "If the Boot Fits":

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