Granger Smith has been promising fans a new full-length album since the release of his 4×4 EP in March, and that promise may be getting closer to fruition thanks to his new record deal with BBR Music Group.

Smith has released six of his seven studio albums though his own independent record label, but he says that with BBR Music Group, he's finally found a larger label with which he feels comfortable working.

"I've held off for years in partnering with a record label because of my obsessive passion for writing, creating and releasing music my own way,” Smith says in a press release. “Because of my dedication to touring, fans have come to want and expect my music to be delivered in a very personal way, and my commitment to that won't change.

"In BBR Music Group, we've realized a like-minded passion and a simple obligation: Don't change the foundation of what I've built, but simply magnify the message," he continues. "It goes without saying that BBR has the firepower, and for that, I'm extremely excited.”

BBR is getting two-for-one deal of sorts with this new signing: Not only do they get Smith, they also get his gun-toting, overall-wearing, hillbilly alter ego, Earl Dibbles Jr.

“I tell unsigned acts looking for deals all the time to create demand -- prove to labels you can connect with an audience,” says BBR Executive Vice President Jon Loba. “Granger is the epitome of doing just that and is doing it nationally -- not just regionally ... We are so excited to add Granger to the BBR Music Group family and look forward to amplifying the rabid demand he has created for himself and his alter ego, Earl Dibbles Jr.”

In May, Smith released a music video for his song "City Boy Stuck," in which he channels Dibbles Jr., to pick on a clueless city boy who is stuck out in the country. The 4x4 EP is available from iTunes and Amazon.

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