Granger Smith is following up his successful sold-out Yee Yee Nation Tour with a brand-new EP.

4X4, a collection of four songs produced by industry veteran Frank Rogers (Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker), will be released on May 4, in advance of a full album.

“After years of making music in my home studio, it's an honor to collaborate with my longtime friend, Frank Rogers, on this new EP and full-length album,” Smith says. “I consider Frank as having the best ear for a country song in the entire industry, and it has been so inspiring watching our two worlds come together to make music.

"As busy as I've gotten the last few years on tour, there's no way for me to handle an entire project by myself anymore," he adds. "The albums I release are stories of my life, and there is no one I trust more with my songs than Frank Rogers.”

Adds Rogers, "I have been a friend and fan of Granger Smith for a long time. He is a uniquely talented artist who has an amazing way of connecting with his fans through his music. He is honest, heartfelt and downright hilarious.

"It has been an honor and a blast to collaborate with Granger on his new album," he continues. "I feel the sky is the limit for Granger, and I am proud to be along for the ride.”

4X4 comes on the heels of Smith's successful Dirt Road Driveway record, which landed in the Top 20 on the country charts.

“I’ve taken a unique path,” Smith notes, “which has been partly unplanned, but very rewarding. My team and I, we rise and fall together, but that rise feels so inspiring when we know we’ve created this momentum from the ground up.

The debut single from 4X4, "Backroad Song," was recently released, along with a lyric video. See a complete track listing for 4X4 below.

Granger Smith, 4X4 Track Listing:

1. "Backroad Song"
2. "Tonight"
3. "Tailgate Town"
4. "City Boy Stuck" (featuring Earl Dibbles Jr.)

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