Granger Smith has released a music video for his new song "City Boy Stuck."

The song comes off of Smith's recently released EP, 4x4but the track has a little bit of a twist: Instead of being a normal release from the singer, Smith is channeling his redneck alter ego, Earl Dibbles Jr., on the new song, and the video features Dibbles in all his glory, wearing his signature single-strap overalls with a comically giant dip in his lip and a shotgun over his shoulder.

The clip was directed by Brian Lazzaro and pokes fun at the tried-and-true country music theme of city boys who are clueless when they find themselves out in the country. In the clip, the "city boy" in question gets his car stuck in the mud, and Dibbles Jr. shows up in the midst of his frustration -- but he's not there to help.

Smith came up with his alter ego while goofing off with his two brothers, and the character has become a hit with his fans.

4x4 was released on May 4. The singer co-produced the project, which is available for download via iTunes and Amazon, with veteran producer Frank Rogers.

“I consider Frank as having the best ear for a country song in the entire industry, and it has been so inspiring watching our two worlds come together to make music," Smith says. “As busy as I’ve gotten the last few years on tour, there’s no way for me to handle an entire project by myself anymore. The albums I release are stories of my life, and there is no one I trust more with my songs than Frank Rogers.”

Smith is currently criss-crossing the country on tour, with dates scheduled through June 13. See a list of upcoming shows at

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