Country superstar Garth Brooks’ new single, “That’s What Cowboys Do,” is a sure-'nuff, waltz-worthy story song. The fifth single from Brooks' latest album, Fun, is a traditional country tune that features slide guitars and fiddles so classic that listeners can almost see boot-wearing couples making their way around the dance floor at Billy Bob’s in Ft. Worth, Texas.

The lonesome story references a cowboy doing the things that cowboys do: loving and leaving, riding a bull and and taking a beating. The protagonist enjoys the attention of a woman — but only for one night, because when he starts to feel himself falling for her, he gets heck out of Dodge (or rather, Texas).

In the second verse, the cowboy draws an unruly bull, named Satan's Pride, and saddles up to put on a good show for a rodeo crowd. Ultimately, he's resigned to continue to say his goodbyes — to lovers, to Texas, to much of anything permanent — because, for better or worse, “that’s what cowboys do.”

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Garth Brooks' "That's What Cowboys Do" Lyrics:

She told me she was lonely and it would be alright / If happy-ever-after only meant one night / So we saddled up in satin and rode off for the mornin' sun / Oh, but somewhere 'tween the neon and the mornin' skies / I saw that I was fallin' for those deep blue eyes / And I couldn't help but wonder, could this woman be the one?

Then it came to the leavin' part / When sleepin' beauty nearly had my heart ...


But a cowboy's always got somewhere to go / Another song to sing, another day to save, another rodeo / They're always leavin' town, chasin' sunsets down / It ain't nothin' new / Yeah, they're just passin' through / That's what cowboys do ...

I knew that I was in for one hell of a ride / As I drew a bull so cruel they call him Satan's Pride / And the odds of gettin' even started seemin' mighty thin / So I gave the nod and everybody held on tight / Went dancin' with the devil on a Friday night / Whenever you're in Texas, the cowboy's gonna always win ...

Then it came to the leavin' part / Leavin' Texas always breaks my heart ...

Repeat Chorus

They're always leavin' town, chasin' sunsets down / Sayin' "Adios" to you / Yeah, we're just passin' through / That's what cowboys do ...

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