Garth Brooks wrapped up his three-year stint at the Wynn Las Vegas' Encore Theater this past weekend with a finale that was bittersweet. While the superstar entertainer admits he had high hopes for his last performance, the evening didn't go exactly as planned.

"It wasn't the best show over the three years because I was too emotional," he tells the Las Vegas Sun. "I was getting ready to go out there and kick some ass, and then [hotel owner] Steve [Wynn] did an introduction, and I was toast after that. It wasn't phenomenal because I cried a little after that, but one of the best shows I ever had was the early one tonight, the show right before. I went out there just to do it. The sound was perfect; it went really well. I was hoping to do it again with the second show, but brother Wynn screwed that up with his introduction!"

Garth hints that he may return to the renowned theater one more time, to document a farewell show, with Oscar-winning film director Martin Scorsese potentially at the helm. "I'd like to come back here one more time and film the show," Garth acknowledges. "It's very sweet of Steve to say I can come back any time I want. I'll take him up on it. This room is the greatest on the planet."

"There will always be a place here for Garth," Wynn notes. "We have become brothers. He might well get the urge to come back and sing here. He'll just call out of the blue, saying, 'I feel like singing again.' It's always been up to him."

Garth was joined for the finale by his wife, Trisha Yearwood, who says she soaked up every minute of her husband's time in Sin City. "I was here to support my man," the songstress explains. "Las Vegas has become a home. Every night we've been here, I've always said, 'Enjoy this moment,' because you just don't get to sing in a room like that."

Speculation continues that Garth will begin touring again in 2014, after his youngest daughter heads to college, but for now, the music icon is remaining quiet on any future plans. His website contains only a cryptic message: "Be the first to know," followed by a place to enter an e-mail address.

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