A new acoustic remix of Dolly Parton's first-ever No. 1 dance hit "Faith" allows the nearly three-minute shot of positive vibes' lyrics to shine even brighter than before. The collaboration with Swedish EDM duo Galantis and Dutch rapper Mr. Probz features lyrics written by John Hiatt, a singer-songwriter legend and the father of current Americana star Lilly Hiatt.

At first, a clearer take of auto-tuned Parton sounds way out there. Yet upon repeat listens, the pairing of acoustic accompaniment and one of popular culture's most familiar singing voices accentuates the collaborator's championing of the Golden Rule.

Hiatt’s 1987 composition about allowing others to help you get through life isn’t exactly grounded in scripture, but it does fall in line with Parton’s goal to spread more positivity in trying times. “This world is just so dark and ugly and awful ... so I'm going to make it my business to try to do songs that are more uplifting, not all Christian-based songs, but songs about better things,” she recently told The Boot and other outlets.

“Do better," Parton adds, "and have a little more love, a little more light and don’t be so dark and dirty.”

The acoustic remix makes five versions of "Faith" on Spotify, including the original.

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