Florida Georgia Line's new song "Long Live" harkens back to the duo's first album and easily digestible singles like "Cruise," "Round Here" and "This Is How We Roll." Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley add some nostalgia to a lyric that finds them living just outside of what they sing.

The pair are family men now, but not too far removed from parking lot parties and beat-up pickup trucks. Country girls in cutoff shorts strut across each chorus and star in a scenic new lyric video. Familiar song structure and a rock rhythm section further take them back to their early recordings with producer Joey Moi.

It's not clear if "Long Live" will appear on a future full-length or another EP, but the song is 100-percent new. Florida Georgia Line haven't rushed to release broader projects in recent years. As much as anyone, they've separated themselves from the typical album cycle. How quickly fans and country radio embrace this mid-tempo country rocker will likely determine their next step.

Florida Georgia Line wrote "Long Live" during their Can't Say I Ain't Country Tour in 2019.

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Florida Georgia Line's "Long Live" Lyrics: 

It’s a Friday night / We circled up / It’s going down ‘round these pickup trucks / Yeah, it’s cold cans and Dixie cups / Just out here doing what we’ve always done


Long live all the small-towners / Sun up to sundowners / That old-school Haggard and Hank / Long live longneck bottles / And wide-open throttles and old dirt roads with no name / Long live them country girls / Long legs and cup up jeans / Long live this way of life / Long live nights like these / Long live, long live / Long live, long live nights like these

Long live the Walmart parking lot / Turning to the midnight party spot / Long live hard work when it pays off / And living it up on your days off

Repeat Chorus

Long live them glory days / On them back 40 days / All them pass it ‘round, pass it down story days

Repeat Chorus

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