Former Turnpike Troubadours frontman Evan Felker and his wife Staci welcomed a baby girl recently. She shared the news on social media on Tuesday (March 9), revealing not only their new child, but that they are back together as a married couple.

The reunion is stunning news on its own. Staci Felker filed for divorce in early 2018, and it was finalized (according to People) by the year's end. Rumors of Evan Felker's relationship with Miranda Lambert coincided with the crumbling of the marriage; the two singers were on tour together with Little Big Town that summer and were photographed together several times off stage, although they never confirmed a romance.

On Instagram, Staci Felker alluded to something happening between her husband and another woman, but overall maintained a thread of support for the singer-songwriter. He has since come clean about several personal issues, including addiction -- what caused the Turnpike Troubadours to go on indefinite hiatus in 2019 -- and says he's gotten sober and is enjoying life like never before.

Staci Felker has only six photos from the last year on her Instagram, including one from March of 2020 that indicates she's found some peace and comfort, courtesy of a gift from someone she says she needs. The picture (see below) stands out amid this news of a baby.

Evangelina Hartford Felker is the couple's first child. Her birthdate is not known, but in the photos shared on Tuesday, she looks to be a bit older than a newborn. The pictures feature the baby girl and her parents as a loving family of three.

"Y'all welcome my husband #EvanFelker back to my grid after a few years off," Staci Felker writes to accompany them. "he's here to introduce our first born."

Musically, most who followed the Turnpike Troubadours believe there will be no reunion. Felker has appeared on a few stages in recent months, but his next musical steps are not known.

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